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Welcome. We have a team of trained, knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly professionals who will be able to help you with any problems that you may be experiencing beneath your home. This could include anything from a wet basement, moldy crawl space, a crumbling foundation, or any kind of problem in between. We are an accredited member of the BBB and we have an A+ rating. This means that you can count on us to provide you with the services you need, at a competitive price when you need them most. We do not subcontract any of our work out, and this means that when you do business with us, you will be working with a tech who is an actual employee of our company who has been trained in the latest practices and is an expert performing the services your home needs. Whether you are in Cookeville, Nashville, Chattanooga, or Knoxville, we've got team members who are near you to help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation, or to speak with a member of our team. We appreciate your interest in our business.

Basement Waterproofing

Are you getting water in the basement when it rains? We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results of our repair work. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our basement waterproofing systems so that you can rest assured knowing your family will never have to deal with a seepage problem ever again. This means you won't have any damaged walls, carpet, floors, or personal belongings which you keep stored in this area of your home. Learn about how we fix leaky basements with our basement waterproofing system.

Basement Waterproofing Before and After

Wall Crack Repair

Having cracks in the basement wall is not only unsightly but could lead to issues with water damage in the area. Our team can evaluate the cracks and implement the best wall crack repair solution. Whether that is using the tried and true epoxy injection or the latest in carbon fiber bracing, we can repair any type of crack your basement wall has.

Foundation Settlement Repair

We can also provide you with structural repair services to take care of a sinking or settling foundation which could jeopardize the strength and stability of your home. Depending on the situation we will install a system of helical piers, push piers, slab piers, and other systems and products to make sure that your home is safe. Watch our video about foundation settlement repair.

Bowed Wall Repair

If you notice you have bowed walls in your basement, this could be a serious problem and we should address it as soon as possible. Through the use of our wall anchors, steel I-beams, or carbon fiber wall braces, we can properly repair any bowed wall issues your home may have.

Crawl Space Repair

If you have a wet crawl space in your home, you need to get it taken care of before wood starts to rot and decay, and before mold starts to develop. We can perform encapsulation work in this area under your home and install vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and more. Click here for crawl space solutions.

Sagging Floor Repair

If you've noticed that you have sagging floors in your home, it is important to get repairs in place before the problem gets out of control and a floor replacement is needed. We can install specially designed floor jacks to repair the sagging floor joists and make your floors level again. Click here for sagging floor repair.

Mold Removal

Mold can severely damage your home, and create health problems if left untreated. We can provide you with mold remediation services to completely remove mold from your basement or crawl space area, and prevent it from coming back. Learn more about mold removal.

Yard Drainage

Proper yard drainage is one step that can alleviate water problems that occur in and around a foundation or basement. We offer yard and lawn grading services, installation of downspouts and drainage pipe to ensure water is diverted away from your structure. Learn more about our yard drainage services.

Concrete Leveling & Lifting

If you have sinking or settling concrete rather than replace it we have an effective and permanent solution. No need to go through the expense of tearing out a slab and repouring new concrete. We can lift all types of concrete including patios, sidewalks, slabs and pool decks. See our methodology for concrete lifting here.

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Basement Waterproofing in Cookeville, TN

Thank you so much for the basement waterproofing system you installed. We haven't had a leaky basement since installation. Works like a charm!

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