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Wall Crack Repair

Over the years as your home settles, sometimes it does not settle evenly and this can cause cracks in your basement walls. Depending on the situation, this can be quite the eyesore and ultimately lead to leaks into the basement which could require the installation of a waterproofing system. It doesn't matter if the crack are vertical, horizontal, or in a stair-step pattern, our team has dealt with every type of wall crack and we have a solution to repair them.

Epoxy Injection

Historically, the use of an epoxy injection was the go-to method for wall crack repair. This involves completely filling the wall crack with an epoxy mixture that will cure and harden in the crack forming a permanent barrier. This method works best when the house is in no danger of settling any longer and there is no cause for the cracks to get any larger. If the crack was to get larger, it would create a need for more injection. When cracks are in the process of growing larger, we will recommend the use of our carbon fiber wall braces.

Carbon Fiber Wall Brace

The carbon fiber wall brace is one of the most used repairs for basement wall cracks. This is a fairly new technology and it works incredibly well. We start by laying out the carbon fiber in a way that it will cover the crack completely. This will help ensure the crack does not continue to expand. Once we know where the carbon fiber strips will go, we will use an epoxy mixture to permanently bond the carbon fiber to the concrete surrounding the crack. Once the epoxy is cured, the section becomes harder than steel and will provide a permanent fix to the crack. This process works on any type of basement wall crack.

The carbon fiber repair both reinforces and strengthens the wall around the crack and creates a waterproof barrier at the same time.

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Commonly Asked Wall Crack Questions

Is a crack in a basement wall bad?
A crack in a basement wall is not necessarily a bad thing. Depending on the size of the crack and whether or not the wall is bowing inward, these could be indicators of underlying problems.
When should I worry about basement cracks?
You should worry about basement cracks when they appear to be growing over time or if they are the result of bowing basement walls. If either of these things are happening, you should have the walls inspected by a professional to determine if there are any additional problems than just the cracks.

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