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Bowed Wall Repair

If your home is suffering from foundation problems, one of the major issues we face and ultimately repair is bowed basement walls. There are a number of causes to this including; the soil around your home is not compacted to a natural level after the home is built, improper drainage causes water to pool close to the home below grade, and natural shifting of the home over time. As the soil is not properly compacted, it causes what is known as hydrostatic pressure which pushes against the walls of your basement from the exterior. This pressure can cause the walls to bow, buckle, or lean into the home and create situations where the foundation can settle. We see these issues in many homes in the Nashville, Chattanooga, Cookeville, and Knoxville areas and we have a number of different methods of combating these bowing walls and will choose the correct one depending on the situation your home has.

Wall Anchors

Our wall braces, support, and anchors offer a permanent solution for leaning walls in your basement. This common problem is caused by hydrostatic pressure being applied to your foundation walls. Hydrostatic pressure is a result of an excessive amount of moisture in the earth. It can put a lot of force on your walls and cause them to eventually bow inward. Our supports, braces, and anchors will literally brace your wall and can be installed anywhere. We offer reliable, cost-effective solutions which can be installed any time of year with minor digging required.

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Carbon Fiber Wall Brace

A true structural repair. The surface seal becomes an integral part of the crack injection process. This system revolutionizes concrete crack repair by combining carbon fiber stitching embedded in a hardened epoxy with a structural polyurethane grout injection. The first step is to understand the variables that can cause cracking. Cracking of concrete is a natural consequence of the concrete going from a plastic state to a solid state. This is due in part to stress caused by temperature change and restraint. This is often referred to as drying and shrinkage cracking. Depending on the moisture content, this process is over within a maximum of 3 years. In poured concrete, cracks are usually vertical in nature. The concrete will typically perform the way it was designed after chemically welding the crack back together.

  • A true structural repair. The surface seal becomes an integral part of the crack injection process.
  • All other surface seals add nothing to the crack repair and need to be removed.
  • Can be used for vertical or horizontal crack repair.
  • Dual Surface seal carbon fiber stitching prevents cracking fatigue and distributes load to solid concrete.

Understanding the movement of cracks will increase the success rate of repair. There are 6 ways in which a crack in a below-grade poured concrete wall generally moves:

  1. Tensile/inward: due to lateral loading
  2. Outward: due to shrinkage of soils
  3. Opening: due to thermal changes
  4. Closing: due to thermal changes, i.e. cold, wet, dry, etc.
  5. Shear: due to differential loading
  6. Combination: all of the above conditions, plus the added load of the structure

With our carbon fiber wall brace we can eliminate all crack conditions and re-stabilize any concrete wall.

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Steel I-Beams

For the most extreme situations we offer steel I-beams that solidify a basement wall from caving in. These steel pillars are installed from the foot of your floor to the ceiling, attaching itself to the support beam in your basement. This is a surefire way to permanently hold your basement walls in place no matter what soil conditions your home has.

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Steel I-Beams

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Commonly Asked Bowed Wall Questions

What causes bowed walls?
Bowed walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure from the soil surrounding a basement pushing on the walls. Over time, this can lead to the walls bowing inward and the formation of cracks in the wall.
Is bowed wall dangerous?
Depending on the severity of the bowing, they can be dangerous. If the wall is only slightly bowing inward, it is not a problem at the moment but is an indicator of a potential issue. If a wall is bowing in a lot, more than 4 inches, it could potentially lead to a collapse of the wall which can be incredibly dangerous. It is for this reason that any wall bowing should be inspected by a professional as soon as you see it.
How do you fix a bowed wall?
A bowed wall can be fixed by a number of different techniques depending on how badly it is bowing. These can range from carbon fiber strips being applied to the wall, adding strength, to steel beams installed between the floor and joists to stop the wall from bowing, to wall anchors which can straighten the bowed wall and prevent future issues.

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I had a problem with a vertical crack in a poured foundation wall that was leaking water. Although I was outside of the service area, Dwayne spent several hours discussing the problem with me, reviewing pictures I sent, and ultimately making a recommendation on repairs. Because of the home's ...
Jason Paladino - Lewisburg, KY 42256
Thank you for a great job with our basement waterproofing. No more water damage and the drain is working as it should when it rains.
Sherry N. - Clinton, TN 37716
Dwayne installed a vapor barrier during the crawl space encapsulation process and the area has been professionally-sealed. I don't have to be concerned about mold or bacteria growth now!
Shanda H. - Cookeville, TN 38501

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